Wednesday, November 16, 2005

21 gun salute upon my return


Just heard gunshots. Again.

Which reminds me of my first full weekend back and the anti-hijacking course.

I did get back to Jo’burg. Did my usual stuff. Nothing. Tennis. Pilates. Paperwork. Sounds so thrilling, doesn’t it? Wrote up my fantastic UK police escapades for y’all.

Then, on Saturday morning, we went to the BMW dealership to learn about hijacking prevention.

Now, this was the thing that initially put me OFF South Africa. The American School of Johannesburg, for one of its parents’ evenings, had a scheduled talk on “Preventing Hijackings”. I saw the notice on the web site, and thought, bl----dy freakin' heck, why would I want to move to a place where the parent nights are devoted to this stuff, instead of “Get your kid into an Ivy League school”? Furrr-get it!

But then. Surprise, here I am! In South Africa. At an anti-hijacking course. Oh well. Guess I don’t “hold firm” very well. At all. So much for being bossy and getting my way. Not.

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