Sunday, October 2, 2005

Great balls of fire!

It’s midnight, and the thunder is incredible. From far away, and away up high, rumbling, grumbling, growling, then ... gnurrring...., and now again,.... rumbling, grumbling, growling, gnashing, moaning, ....cracking, roaring! But no rain.... No rain yet, just the wind. Blowing, blowing, whooshing round the apartment.... if you were sea-side it would be more than a small craft warning.. No, it would be two red windsocks, blowing sidewise.

A few minutes later, and I can’t hear for the din! (Now I’ll really complain about the noise, y’all.) The doors are flying open and then flinging themselves shut again, the venetian blinds are crashing madly against the window panes, the curtains have blown in and knocked over two lamps. They’re lying sideways on the floor, one with the shade half crushed. Gosh, will the rain come soon? The anticipation is killing me.

And now, a huge BALL of lightning has just exploded in the tree outside, off the balcony, practically. The plastic chairs and table have blown all to one side and are lying together in a tangled train smash of legs and arms. Crack, crack! More lightning. I feel like I’m back in northern Wisconsin, where the thunder rattles your bones and the lightning makes the hairs on your arms stand on end. You can almost smell the sulphur in the air. And still no rain. But it’s on the way, no doubt about that.

Vladi has come in here, to lie at the foot of the bed. Poor guy. It’s just one terror after another in this crazy place. What a dog has to put up with!

But let’s see if I can get some sleep...

CRASH! KerBOOOM! Mmmmm, wish me luck.

I think I need some Ovaltine or Horlicks.

OK, I really can’t sleep. And what else is new?

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